Scott Barnes

28th February 1993 ~ 25th December 2023

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Scott Barnes
28 February 1993 – 25 December 2023
In loving memory of Scott Barnes who passed away suddenly at home, aged 30.

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12 comments on “Scott Barnes

  1. jo left a message


  2. Gary and Sherrie left a message


    From the very beginning, we were struck by your passion and dedication to contribute to the greater good. Your eyes lit up as you spoke about your aspirations, and it was evident that you possessed a genuine desire to make a difference, especially for those who are more vulnerable. The interview day was a glimpse into the compassionate soul that you were.

    What impressed us even more was witnessing your unwavering determination and hard work throughout your studies. Your commitment to pursuit of knowledge were truly commendable. You faced challenges with grace and overcame obstacles with a resilience that left a lasting impression on everyone around you.

    As we bid you farewell, we carry with us the memory of your infectious spirit and the inspiration you brought into the room. Your dedication to serving others and your relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth will forever be etched in our hearts.

    Though you may no longer be with us, your legacy lives on through the impact you’ve made on those fortunate enough to have known you.

    Rest in peace, dear Scott. You are dearly missed, but your memory will continue to inspire us all.

  3. Kerrie Livick left a message

    Dear Scott’s Family,

    I firstly wanted to say how incredibly sorry I am to hear of Scott’s passing. Scott was the most incredible person and had the most infectious laugh and smile. He brought so much happiness into our lives and made studying so much more enjoyable. He was so smart and made us all feel like plonkers when he was like a walking Wikipedia. He was so passionate about Physiotherapy and it really showed during our times in lectures and in assignments. He’d of made a fantastic Physiotherapy because he was just so approachable, supportive and loving.

    I remember the first day we all met and we had to do a “get to know each other” :candle: exercise where we had to move around every 5 minutes to get to know someone different. I eventually came to Scott and I remember asking him if he’d just finished his A-Levels at college and he went bright red whilst laughing and said he was 29. I was absolutely mortified but he just looked so young. We laughed about that even during 2nd year. I told him to take it as a compliment as he had good skin.

    He was very sneaky and cheeky as one day I offered to take him Aldi to get eggs (never known anyone to be so obsessed with eggs) and he asked me if he could drive my car there. On the way back he only decided to then tell me how many times he’d crashed his cars and that he actually crashed the first day he passed his driving test. We laughed a lot but I also then feared for my life heading back to campus. When we got there he turnt around to me and said “I hope you enjoyed the Scott express”….you could imagine my reaction.

    I could go on and on about all the funny things Scott did because there are just so many moments we all shared with him at University. Even though he is gone, he will live on in our hearts for decades and we promise to keep talking about him and loving him. He was a real treasure and someone myself and everyone on our course had the privilege to call our friend.

    All my love and kisses to you all during this very sad time.

    Kerrie xx

  4. Josh Blake left a message

    Dear Scott,

    One of the most genuine and nice people I’ve ever met, thank you for helping me with my assignments you were definitely the right person to ask as you never failed to brighten up my day with your supportive and compassionate nature. I will never forget the day you warned me about the orcas .
    I have no words to describe what I’m feeling right now, my thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  5. Kerrie left a message


  6. Winifred Oldfield left a message

    I am truly sorry to hear of the loss of Scott.He always lit up the room with his smile, aura and determination to learn and join in during team work. Always willing to help and support his peers. May find memories of Scott bring comfort to your family during this hard time. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. May our Lord comfort your family and bring you peace. :candle:

  7. Sara Richards left a message


  8. Sian left a message

    I don’t have the words to express how privileged I am to have known Scott. He was one in a million and wore his heart on his sleeve! We miss him dearly but will always remember the good times we shared and the laughs he gave us.
    We will continue to stay positive and look to the future cause that’s all he would have wanted!
    So proud of everything he achieved in the 30 years of his short life.
    Loved and missed always xx

  9. Jordan Carroll left a message

    Yo (as you would say),

    Scott this is wild mate, I still now can’t even believe this is happening – it just feels so wrong.

    You worked so bloody hard and I was always so impressed with (if sometimes intimidated by) your work ethic – you would sit and just recite uni stuff for fun. I’d be sat there listening like what on earth is this man saying. But from day one you gave uni the respect it deserved – if I get to 1/10th of that – I’ll be a happy man.

    I remember when we were exploring the woods around Marjon once and you turned around and said to that we were “polar opposites so the friendship must be genuine” and that we were ying and Yang.

    I agreed with that then and I agree now. You changed my life Scott, I remember first meeting you and being like we won’t be friends. You taught me to never judge anyone on first impressions, because with you – I was so so wrong. You intimidated me because you were everything I wanted to be. You always used to say my superpower was being able to talk to anyone and that my strengths were your weaknesses and vice versa.

    But the thing that I don’t think you ever fully understood was that my superpower came from you. I always knew you were there so I could confidently talk to anyone because you had my back and gave me the confidence to do so. I didn’t really care what anyone said because in my head I was like well if me and this bloke can be best mates – I can befriend anyone.

    We did cheer for the shits and gigs, I fell in love with it so continued it into this year; through that I’ve met some of my closest mates, became captain and gained so much confidence. I wouldn’t have done that without you – there’s no way on god’s green earth I could’ve entered that room initially without you finding the whole thing so funny and saying we should do it. P.s bro – you made such a lasting impression on the cheer team – many of whom are cut up and hurt by your loss.

    You genuinely cared about people, you wore your heart on your sleeve and made me laugh in a way that others struggle to do. When you were serious, you were serious. But when you were fun – you were so much fun. Remember exploring the haunted car park and shitting ourselves at the noises? Remember going to the woods on the boris bikes and your phone bloody dying so we had to ditch your bike and share one home? Remember trying to convince the campus cat to live in our spare room where we were genuinely going to buy it a bed and cat toys hoping it’d stay – but you kicked off when it ate your egg bagel so you refused to let it back in. I do, I remember those and every other stupid and mad story.

    I’d never met a man who was so clever but thought fixing a shower with an electric drill when it’s wet was a good idea or that putting a metal fork in a toaster couldn’t be a bit problematic. For how mature you could be, you were also so childlike and naive – you loved a good moan too – but those were some of my favourite things about you. Kerrie mentioned the driving and Christ on a bike – I remember being sat in your passenger seat, hearing the stories and shitting myself as you put your foot down to wind me up.

    We’d had such different paths in life until we met. But once we met we walked our paths together, pushing and motivating each other to be the best versions of ourselves. Now, I’m walking the path alone and genuinely – that breaks my heart lad. I will become a speech therapist and I’ll continue to follow your fitness plan and keep your name alive in everything I do. You may not be here physically but you have my word that you will live on because I’ll tell everyone for as long as I live how you changed my life.

    I miss you so much Scott, I just want you back.

  10. James Money left a message

    I first met Scott on the evening when he crashed his very first car on the same day he passed his driving test. I’ll never forget that. Since that evening Scott and I were good friends. Every time I travelled down to Devon from Oxford to see my mates, sure enough Scott was always there being his typical friendly and cheeky self. In my mind, Scott was at the very heart of the friendship group.

    We all had some great times with Scott over the years. Some of my fondest memories include our skiing trip in the Austrian Alps and holidaying in the sun in Crete. Scott was always the type to keep a close eye out for his friends, as I discovered when I woke up on his shoulder while he was carrying me all the way back to the hotel one evening in Malia. Thanks again for that and for all of the brilliant times mate. You will never be forgotten.

    James Money

  11. Alice left a message

    Scott was such a wonderful student to have in class. It was a privilege to teach him. From the start of his physiotherapy course he was enthusiastically and attentively sitting at the front, happy to contribute his knowledge and was often the student to have a final question. I enjoyed being challenged by his questions. He was so passionate about his work with young people. His compassion for the world and others around him shone though in all my interactions with Scott. I am deeply saddened by his sudden passing. He is sorely missed and will be remembered. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.

  12. Eli Wade left a message

    To my friend Scottie, you were a real one. You’ve been there since day 1. You were my bread and butter. You were the reason why I flew to America and pursued my dream of being a water boy for the nba. I wish you were able to see the Scottie Barnes signed jersey I sent. Been miss you every day, every time I see Scottie Barnes throwing it down, I think of you. I’ll make sure to send you my £50,000 bet we made for Scottie Barnes to make it to all stars.

    Ps, photo I’ve attached is me and Scottie Barnes at the all star court

    Missing you everyday, Wade Family